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Both figures are dressed in the ceremonial uniformsof different Imperial Russian ArmyLancer regiments.

Nicholas is shown as 'Colonel in Chief' of his regimnet while the young Tsarevich Alexei poses as a junior subalternof his chosen regiment.

From one Royal Family that still exists to another who had a turbulent reign and, unfortunately, a terrible end!

Tsar Nicholascame to the throne of Russia in 1894 and was alas destined to be its last Emperor after his abdication in 1917.

During his reign, Russia embarked on a great series of reforms that benefitted civil liberties, education, literacy and parliamentary representation. He also attempted to modernize Russian industry and the country’s outdated infrastructure.

His progress however was undermined by his own personal commitment to autocratic rule and the oppressive policies employed by his secret police to crush and punish any kind of dissent from any quarter.

Nicholas’ rule also coincided with a series of disastrous events and upheavals both in  and out of Russia. Among these was the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 where Russia was soundly defeated and humiliated by the recently-emerged Japan.

One year later, in 1905 in St. Petersburg, a peaceful demonstration by thousands of workers and their families asking for small increases in their pay and better working and living conditions was met by deadly force with infantry soldiers opening fire and cavalry charging defenseless protestors. Hundreds of unarmed civilians; men, women and children were killed and injured by this official armed and violent response.

In addition Nicholas’ regime did little to prevent a series of Anti-Jewish pogroms that targeted this particular religious community and led thousands of Russian Jews to flee to the west for refuge, religious freedom and a better life.

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