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2.           BEING RETIRED IN OCTOBER 2021



FoB095           Table & Chairs

FoB098           The Refugee Horse & Cart

FoB101           One Old Man & His Dog

FoB103           Section Leader

FoB135           The Nun & The Toddler

FoB136           Three City Gents

FoB137           Good Friends

FoB139           The Little Apple Seller

FoB140           A Serf with a Scythe

FoB141           Three Russian Children

FoB143           A Russian Orthodox Priest

FoB156           Little Brother and Big Sister

LAH097          The Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Regimental Band

LAH153          SA Honour Guard w/ Rifle

LAH171          Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler 1934

LAH175          Goose-stepping SS Man

LAH176          SS Officer Saluting

LAH180          SS Obergruppenfuhrer Von Ribbentrop

LAH181          The Black Heydrich

LAH182          Reichsminister Albert Speer

LAH185          SS NCO

LAH208          Adolf in Lederhosen

LAH213          Oktoberfest Fraulein

LAH214          Oktoberfest Prost!

LAH217          Brownshirt SA Standard Bearer

LAH222          SS Fahnentrager

LAH223          SA MANN Brand

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