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As the new items appear some older ones, alas, have to disappear...

DD234  Sten Gun with Silencer

DD259  Major “Mad Jack” Churchill

DD263-1 Standing Ready w/Tommy Gun (82nd.)

DD263-2 Standing Ready w/Tommy Gun (101st.)

DD264-1 Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Carbine (82nd.)

DD264-2 Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Carbine(101st.)

DD265-1 Walking Paras set (82nd.)

DD265-2 Walking Paras set (101st.)

DD266-1 Kneeling and Sitting Paratroopers (82nd.)

DD266-2 Kneeling and Sitting Paratroopers (101st.)

DD268-1 Final Check (82nd.)

DD268-2 Final Check (101st.)

DD270-1 Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Rifle (82nd. )

DD270-2 Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Rifle (101st.)

DD273   ‘The Sarge’

DD293   U.S. Army Medic Jeep

DD299   The US Army Medical Tent

WS272   Panther Ausf. G

  • Model: INFO RET 1808
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  • Manufactured by: King and Country

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