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     A mixed assortment of items but some very good pieces to acquire if you don’t already have them...


BBG065   Panzer IV H (Winter)

CE011      William & Kate

CE016-1   “Standing-At-Ease Danish Royal Guardsman” (Red Tassel)

CE016-2   “Standing-At-Ease Danish Royal Guardsman” (White Tassel)

CE016-3   “Standing-At-Ease Danish Royal Guardsman” (Blue Tassel)

EA094      Aussie Vickers Gunner

EA095      Aussie Grenadier

EA096      Aussie Kneeling Firing

EA097      Aussie Anti-Aircraft Bren Gun Team

EA098      Aussie Officer w/ Tommy Gun

FW212     Maxim Machine Gun Set

FW213     Kneeling Firing Rifleman

FW214     Standing Firing Rifleman

FW215    Advancing with Rifle

FW216     Standing Sniper     

JN002      Flight Deck Crew Set

JN003      Imperial Japanese Navy Bugler

JN004      Flight Deck Flag Man

JN008      Admiral Yamamoto

JN010      Saburo Sakai

JN032      Type 89 Grenade Discharger

JN034      Standing Machine Gunner

NE041     Napoleon in Egypt Standing Drummer

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  • Manufactured by: King and Country

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