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Vietnam War - TET 1968


     By November 1967 half a million American soldiers were fighting in South Vietnam and General William Westmoreland, the commander of U.S. Forces there felt confident in saying, “the end begins to come into view...

     In North Vietnam however a major military offensive was being planned that would change everything and would ultimately have a decisive impact on American commitment to fight the war and on U.S. involvement in South Vietnam.

     On January 30, 1968 on the eve of TET, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year North Vietnamese Army regulars and local Viet Cong militia launched a massive attack on ALL major towns, cities and military bases throughout South Vietnam.

     Nowhere suffered more devastation and saw more bloody fighting than the old imperial capital city of HUE.  After seizing control of most of the city the NVA and VC were counterattacked by both ARVN (Army of the Republic of South Vietnam) and U.S. Forces including United States Marines.

     Now began a long and bitter struggle to retake the city.

     King & Country’s first new ‘VIETNAM’ release in over 20 years begins to refight this epic battle.

     A series of U.S.M.C. ‘Grunts’ battling their way street-by-street, house-by-house replicates the battle in miniature with some of the most realistic fighting poses that K&C has ever produced.

     Here is just the first small ‘advance party’ of Marines... Many more will follow in the coming months as well as their NVA and VC opposition and some unique fighting vehicles!

BUY All 7 of these K&C Vietnam Marines, which retail for US$43 per figure, when you buy them individually. OR BUY THEM as a BEGINNERS BONUS Set and the price is just US$279!

They are VN001, VN002, VN004, VN006, VN008, VN010 and VN013


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