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SKODA Radschlepper Ost


This heavy tractor (4×4) was designed by F.Porsche and produced by Skoda.  Radschlepper Ost was also known as Porsche Typ 175. The development of this vehicle started in 1941/42 as a result of conditions on the Eastern Front.  Complete vehicle was to be ready for Winter of 1942/43. Prototype was ready in late 1942 and 200 vehicles were ordered and then in 1943 order was reduced to 100 vehicles.  The vehicles proved to be a failure and didn’t fullfil the role they were designed for.

On the Eastern Front one of the most urgent German necessities was for a heavy, multi-purpose tractor that could haul supplies and artillery over the very rough Russian road network.

     In late 1941, famed German designer, Ferdinand Porsche proposed a large, four-wheeled drive tractor mounted on huge metal wheels that he believed could fill the requirement.

     He proposed that his design could be built at the Skoda Automobile Plant in German controlled Bohemia and Moravia utilizing its Czech workforce.  Work began immediately and by mid 1942 the first samples of Porsche’s design were ready to be tested.

     The results were at best ... mixed.  However an order was placed for 200 of the now-called “Radschlepper Ost”.

     Although originally meant for service on the Eastern Front, only a handful ever went in that direction.  The vast majority served in the West particularly Normandy, the Netherlands and even some during the Ardennes campaign.

     K&C has chosen the snow-camouflaged “winter” version of the vehicle as its first release.  Each piece includes a driver, moving wheels and a detachable rear canvas covering.

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