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Kneeling Rifleman


This is one of the most useful figures with no base... He can be positioned anywhere a collector wants to put him... especially filling up a Landing Craft.

This kneeling figure holds the classic ‘Lee Enfield Rifle No. 4’. This British bolt-action rifle was the direct descendent of the earlier SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) MK which was introduced in 1907 and did sterling service throughout WW1 and into the middle of WW2.

The ‘No.4’ came into general use in 1943 and served British and Commonwealth Armies well into the late 1950’s.

The rifle fired a .303 round and could hold 2 x clips of 5 rounds each. Tough, sturdy and accurate this Lee Enfield was one of the finest and most reliable rifles of WW2.


This exciting new collection of King & CountryTommies’ also offers collectors a choice of 2 different base variants... (B) and (G).... that stands for ‘Beach’ and ‘Grass’.

The ‘Beach’ base has a natural ‘sand’ textured base, perfect for those collectors wanting to replicate the landings straight out of our upcoming Royal Navy Landing Craft.

By contrast the ‘Grass’ base is brown earthen in colour and topped with a layer of ‘grass’ to simulate those soldiers making their way inland to capture their objectives in the nearby fields, towns and villages of Normandy.

So, when you the collector, decide which soldiers to order look for the bracketed letters (B) and (G) after the code numbers to make sure you get what you want.

Please note: Some of the figures in this collection require NO base and can be used on both beach and inland scenes as well as in Landing Craft and on Armoured Vehicles.



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