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Mike Vanzieleghem
Kingston, Ontario
Phone: 613-384-8040


  King and Country WWII US Bastogne Grouping - This grouping was going to be included in a diorama but time and energy do not allow for it.
So, this excellent set of K&C soldiers, most now discontinued, is being sold, as a group only. 
All pieces are in their original  boxes and appropriate packaging but be aware that boxes and inserts show some minor signs of the pieces
having been taken out and replaced on occasion, mostly just the box tabs0.
The following pieces are included: BBA010, BBA019, BBA023, BBA025, BBA026, BBA027, BBA028, BBA030, BBA031, BBA032,
BBA034, BBA042, BBA044, BBA045, BBA046, BBA050, BBA051, BBA052, BBA066, DD088, and SP041 (hand-painted white).
The effect is of a loosely thrown together US unit on downtime after the big battle at Bastogne. Price negotiable. Shipping to be arranged.
   WWII Winter German collection. Mixed manufacturer set includes K&C, Thomas Gunn, Collectors Showcase. -
This grouping was going to be included in a diorama but time and energy do not allow for it. So, this hand-picked set is being sold, as a group only. 
All pieces except the FLAK 37 and its two caissons have their original boxes and appropriate packaging, Please be aware that boxes and inserts
show some minor signs of the pieces having been taken out and replaced on occasion, mostly just the box tabs.
The following pieces are included: CS 00648, CS 00518, CS00552, TG SS 04781, BBG 003, BBG 020, BBG013, BBG 002, BBG 014, BBG 012, TG SS 019A, TG SS 014A, ,
The Collectors Showcase 88mm FLAK 37 is fixed (glue) for travel as are the two CS caisssons.
These pieces were chosen based on details of scale, coloration/camo, and their functional poses.
The overall  effect is of a loosely thrown together winter German unit in retreat after the big battle at Bastogne. Price negotiable. Shipping to be arranged.
Also have a K&C Typhoon that I'll trade for the Spitfire with the Canadian red leaf markings, plus a soldier.


Mike Vanzieleghem
Kingston, Ontario
Phone: 613-384-8040


I have a collection of pre WW11 German Elastolin toy soldiers passed down to me from my mother in the UK.
They were originally sent to my grandmother by my uncle from BAOR just after the end of WW11.
They have been stored in my possession for the past 55 years in the two boxes they were originally shipped in.
I have not decided what to do with them but I was interested in learning what their value might be and I was wondering if you might have some idea in that regard.
I have several photo's if needed.
They are in good condition having been stored for many years.
The only visible damage is the rear leg of one of the horses is partly missing.
I realize you would need to physically see them to give an accurate valuation but I was hoping a ballpark number would give me direction.
Les Farrington,


FOR SALE,  40mm ACW Figures     (Mfgr: 98% Sash & Saber)  

Bob Moon <>

I am downsizing my 40mm ACW collection and    UNION # Figs $ Value
offer the following for sale.  The figures offered   Infantry (various poses) 80 $800
are each a complete army, enough for numerous   Infantry: Flag bearers, incl flag  8 160
Brigade,Regimental or skirmish level games.   Infantry Officers on Foot 4 40
BASING:     Cavalry: Mtd, incl Ofcr/flag/bugler 12 250
Foot figures are based on 1" fender washers   Cavalry: DsMtd, incl Ofcr/flag/bugler 12 130
Mtd Figures are based on 1"x 2" magnetic bases   Single Officers: Mounted 2 40
Arty & crew are based on 3"x 4" magnetic bases   Artillery Gun & Limber, incl 4 crew (3) 30 405
Limber, riders & horses fixed on 2 1/4" x 5"         2 riders & 2 horses    
   magnetic bases.  (Guns are loose, crew is fixed) Flags* (10) cost incl with flag berarer    
Foot Officers are mounted on 1 1/2" circular bases      UNION Totals 148 $1825
Mtd Officers are mounted on 2 1/4" cirular bases                            Will SELL ALL  Uniion for $1600.    
PRICING Includes:        
Purchase of Metal figures, removal of casting flash, CONFEDERATE #Figs $Value
primering, painting, highlighting, shading &    Infantry (various poses) 70 700
detailitng figures.  ALL bases are flocked & have    Infantry: Flag bearers, incl flag  7 140
small bushes and/or grass.  ALL are dullcoated   Infantry Officers on foot 4 40
for sealing & handing protection.   Cavalry: Mtd, incl Ofcr/flag/bugler 10 210
VALUATION:     Cavalry: DsMtd, incl Ofcr/flag/bugler 10 110
Foot Figures, incl. Leaders (officers) $10.ea Single Officers: Mounted 2 40
Mounted Figures, incl Leaders (officers) $20.ea Artillery Gun & Limber, incl 4 crew (2) 20 270
Artillery Gun + Limber, includes 4 crew,   $135.ea      2 riders & 2 horses    
   2 riders & 2 horses    Flags* (9) cost incl with flag bearer    
Flags: (by "Flag Dude" Rick O'Brien) Flag $10.ea      CONFEDERATE Totals 123 $1,510.
cost is included in cost of flag bearer figure                          Will sell all Confederate for $1300.    
These figures are painted to a 7- 8 quality, with   Total for BOTH ARMIES above       =   $2,900.
4 - 5 average Wargame quality & 9 - 10 museum/        
collector quality.   Will SELL BOTH ARMIES above for:    $2,600.
*  (I have won several painting awards with these    Each Army sold as a whole only firm
         figures).     No "cherry picking"   firm
You can request some pictures that you can use.  Please let me know if you need anything else from me.

Bob Moon

9226 Saltwater Way

Jacksonville, FL  32256



Bob Moon <>

I’m looking to sell my current collection of John Jenkins Designs Wars of the Roses Series, any chance you could help out?
Below is the list of items I have.  All in mint condition, still in the original boxes:
RYORK-02: Men at Arms with Heraldic Banner
RYORK-06A: Mounted Yorkist Knight
RYORK-05A: Mounted Yorkist Knight
RYORK-05B: Mounted Yorkist Knight
RYORK-03: Sir Percival Thriwall with Battle Standard
RYORK-01: King Richard III
HLANC-01: Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond
LANC-26: Lancastrian Men at Arms
LANC-20: Lancastrian Knight
RTLANC-01: Rhys Ap Thomas
I am flexible on price, appreciate the consideration.

Robert Kelly <>


I have an incomplete set of American Civil War soldiers by del Prado. I will list the 8 pieces I need.

If anyone has any of these I would appreciate you contacting me. Thanks.

#36 Brig. Gen. John S. Mosby
#37 Indian militia Scout Shawnee
#40 15th Inf. Alabama Volunteer Drummer
#42 Partisan <The band of Quantrill>
#46 Virginia Infantry Stonewall Brigade
#47 Sailor w/cutlass & pistol USN
#49 Horseman 6th Cavalry Volunteers of Pennsylvania w/flag
#50 Rifle officer-Corps of the Marines CSA
Paul C.
Warrington, PA

I have a small collection of diecast military figures that I would like to sell.

All are in NM condition with the exception of one and I have the original boxes.

They are 54mm and 60mm. I will list them below and I can also send pictures if needed. Thanks.


John DiGiacomo   Email:   Phone: 954-478-2271  (Florida #)


General Rommel – The Collectors Showcase

Italian Infantry Marching Africa – Kronprinz

General George Patton with dog Willy – The Collectors Showcase

Davy Crockett and Two Mexican Soldiers – King and Country – 54mm

Confederate Color Bearer with Flag of Northern Virginia – History Works

Confederate Infantry Charging #3 – History Works

Confederate Infantry Charging #1 – History Works

WWII German Infantry Kneeling and Firing – Conte Collectibles

Two German WWII Fallshirmjaeger – Frontline Figures

General Stonewall Jackson – W Britain – This piece looks smaller than 54 or 60mm

14th Brooklyn Advancing – The Collectors Showcase

14th Brooklyn Kneeling and Shooting – The Collectors Showcase

14th Brooklyn Defending – The Collectors Showcase

14th Brooklyn Loading – The Collectors Showcase

14th Brooklyn Firing – The Collectors Showcase

14th Brooklyn Charging – The Collectors Showcase

14th Brooklyn Priming – The Collectors Showcase – (Gun strap is missing)

George Custer – King and Country

Indian – King and Country – (can’t have Custer without an Indian)

Two German Infantry WWII – Box has foreign language (Echtheits Zertifikat)

6 piece of American GI’s WWII – Figarti Miniatures – (Four figures storming over a wall (2 Pieces)

German Infantry WWII – Fight to the Death – Thomas Gunn Miniatures


Please feel free to email me at

Hi All,
I have spent the last few months going through my late father's collection of almost 10,000 miniatures/ Toy Soldiers, and I have a spreadsheet/ photos of around 5,000 miniatures that I am looking to move on..
The brands included in the collection are Asset, Brigadier, Britains, Caberfeidh, Ducal, Frontline, King & Country, Kingcast, Marlborough, Rosedale, Toy Army Workshop, Trophy and many many more!!! As well as 80+ military bands from various well known manufacturers.
If you are at all interested in seeing the spreadsheet, please feel free to email me at Or contact me at

Abram Simon - Owner, Fleurbaix Toy Soldiers



From:    Randolph K.Dittmar


Massive 54mm PTO collection for sale.Over 3000 Figures -half metal-no original boxes.Tanks,SP guns,landing craft,AmTracs/Terrain pieces(MANY!!),trees,mats...a LOT!


From : Michael Wolf
Email :

I am selling my personal collection of toy soldiers:

A) Williams Britains models for sale:

  1. Agincourt Knights: most come with their original boxes
  2. Napoleonic Waterloo sets.
  3. World War I sets - British soldiers (2003)

B) Old Williams Britains - American Civil War - Metal Confederate soldiers and two cannons

C) Britains Replicas of the Agincourt knights from the 1960's - 4 foot soldiers

D) Old sets of Heralds

  1. Trojans - 20 pieces
  2. Knights - 13 pieces

E) Swoppets - American Revolutionary War

  1. British Redcoats - 6 pieces
  2. Americans - 6 pieces

F) Traditions of London, 2 complete sets

  1. British Royal Marines 1812
  2. 92nd Gordon Highlanders set # 738




Kanata Based Toy Soldier Collector seeks following item:
Gloss painted, WBritians from 1970’s to 00’s-Please NO PLASTICS. Figures I seek are lead.


Also wish to buy Toy Army Workshop (TAW)  figures & vehicles, ie Highlanders, medical personnel, Austrialian Light Horse, British Lancers, Vickers armoured Cars, RR tenders etc.


Only WW 1 era is sought. Will try to match, fair and going rate where possible.

Items must have the TAW BOX – boxes must be in good to Mint condition. Lack of boxes and lining will influence the final price I can give.For example: Willing to buy singles of TAW figures. My range of offer is: 14 dollars ONLY no negotiating. PLS note will take figures with broken off weapons (ie bayonets) BUT this will reduce the figure to only 10 dollars I will be willing to pay


Vehicles: will offer a range between 60 to 80,  per vehicle (here I’m willing to be a LITTLE flexible) - pagain, broken pieces on vehicles WILL REDUCE what I am willing to pay.

See this link: and TAW PRODUCT GUIDE to get a better idea of figures I am after. Thank you.

David Lavoie

I have some figures for sale to someone who will enjoy them. They are of various types.

  1. Three mediaeval horsemen, made by Del Prado of Spain.
  2. Three Hungarian soldiers, circa 1950. These are somewhat worn. Purchased in Budapest.
  3. A set of 23 small (4 centimetres high) warrior/ soldiers of the world purchased 15 years ago in Holland.

For a collector who is interested, I will let any of these go quite reasonably.

I am selling an estate collection of military figures.The collection is quite exhaustive and includes 3 inch miniature military figures to 16 inch figures. Very unique and high-quality pieces. Many in Glass Cases (included).

Please be serious as these are collector items and will not be sold at yard sale prices.

Figures represent Colonial Period, Highlanders, Napoleonic Wars, WWI, WWII, Desert Soldiers, Punjabi etc.

Brand names include:

King and Country
Chilmark Pewter

I have the following sets of toy soldiers available for sale. All are in excellent shape and come with the original box.

Traditions of London:

700. Special Edition 2 Voltigeur Company Swiss Regiment 1812.
706. British Infantry of the Line, Battle of Waterloo 1815.
708. British Infantry of the Line, Battle of Waterloo 1815.
709. British Infantry of the Line, Battle of Waterloo 1815.
710. British Infantry of the Line, Battle of Waterloo 1815.
725. French Infantry of the Line, 1815 Volitigeurs
729. 3rd Swiss Regiment, 1812.
759. Chasseur a Cheval, The French Imperial Guard, 1812.
B3A. Royal Artillery, 1815.
92. Naval Brigade, Boer War.

W.M. Britain

17671. Napoleonic Waterloo French Line of Infantry,Chasseur's Assault Set
17672. Napoleonic Waterloo Fight in the Courtyard Hand To hand Set #1
41151. Royal Airforce Band

King and Country - Scots Band of the Black Watch (RETIRED). 12 pcs.

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