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Please feel free to email me at

Hi All,
I have spent the last few months going through my late father's collection of almost 10,000 miniatures/ Toy Soldiers, and I have a spreadsheet/ photos of around 5,000 miniatures that I am looking to move on..
The brands included in the collection are Asset, Brigadier, Britains, Caberfeidh, Ducal, Frontline, King & Country, Kingcast, Marlborough, Rosedale, Toy Army Workshop, Trophy and many many more!!! As well as 80+ military bands from various well known manufacturers.
If you are at all interested in seeing the spreadsheet, please feel free to email me at Or contact me at

Abram Simon - Owner, Fleurbaix Toy Soldiers



From:    Randolph K.Dittmar


Massive 54mm PTO collection for sale.Over 3000 Figures -half metal-no original boxes.Tanks,SP guns,landing craft,AmTracs/Terrain pieces(MANY!!),trees,mats...a LOT!


From : Michael Wolf
Email :

I am selling my personal collection of toy soldiers:

A) Williams Britains models for sale:

  1. Agincourt Knights: most come with their original boxes
  2. Napoleonic Waterloo sets.
  3. World War I sets - British soldiers (2003)

B) Old Williams Britains - American Civil War - Metal Confederate soldiers and two cannons

C) Britains Replicas of the Agincourt knights from the 1960's - 4 foot soldiers

D) Old sets of Heralds

  1. Trojans - 20 pieces
  2. Knights - 13 pieces

E) Swoppets - American Revolutionary War

  1. British Redcoats - 6 pieces
  2. Americans - 6 pieces

F) Traditions of London, 2 complete sets

  1. British Royal Marines 1812
  2. 92nd Gordon Highlanders set # 738

Mike Vanzieleghem
Kingston, Ontario
Phone: 613-384-8040

All are in good condition in their boxes. Most have been on display or at least taken out of their boxes to look at periodically. Looking to trade pieces of approximately similar value.

Also interested in WWII from King and Country and Figarti and Collectors Showcase, European Theatre.


Thomas Gunn: SS20A Late War Tank Hunters

John Jenkins:

  1. BGC-02 Knights of the Sky, French Taxi
  2. BGC-02A French Taxi Driver
  3. ACE-10P Captain Roy Brown
  4. ACE-14P Captain William Barker
  5. ACE-02P Billy Bishop
  6. JJ Club Captain William Stanley

Collectors Showcase: French Guard CS00389 French Guard Cannon

King and Country

  1. DD068 American WWII Jeep Ambulance
  2. RAF027 Bedford QL RAF Fuel Bowser (UK Airfields)
  3. WS067  King Tiger Porsche Turret
  4. RAF010  MG K3 Sports Car (green includes officer)

Cyber-Hobby: 1/144 scale Winter German Railway Gun Leopold K5(E)

Dragon Armor: 60008 German Jagdpanther 1/72 scale

A few more items for trade.

King and Country: RAF 030 Hawker Typhoon Mk1B

Dragon Armor

  1. 60271 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F2(G)
  2. 60254 King Tiger
  3. 60155 E-100 Heavy Tank
  4. 60263 Porsche Turret KingTiger w/Zimmerit
  5. 60012 Panther G (late production)

King and Country - Rommel's Desert Horch AK046SL

I bought the piece in a shoebox on ebay years ago with the front window frame bent,the left front window popped out, and the gun in the soldier's hands in the rear seat broken off and lost, as well as the antenna. Got it for a great price. However, I am a modeller and easily repaired it. I warmed and bent the window back into place, popped the window back in with some cyano, made a new gun barrel, borrowed an antenna from another KC piece for it, and touched up Rommel's face so he looks more human, distinguished, and sports a light (better) 5 o'clock shadow. It looks perfect but with a better Rommel. A limited edition piece with nice details. Battle of the Bulge K&C trades welcome.

I will trade for Figarti, King and Country, or Collectors Showcase,  

WWII European Theatre, US, German, or Russian


Kanata Based Toy Soldier Collector seeks following item:
Gloss painted, WBritians from 1970’s to 00’s-Please NO PLASTICS. Figures I seek are lead.


Also wish to buy Toy Army Workshop (TAW)  figures & vehicles, ie Highlanders, medical personnel, Austrialian Light Horse, British Lancers, Vickers armoured Cars, RR tenders etc.


Only WW 1 era is sought. Will try to match, fair and going rate where possible.

Items must have the TAW BOX – boxes must be in good to Mint condition. Lack of boxes and lining will influence the final price I can give.For example: Willing to buy singles of TAW figures. My range of offer is: 14 dollars ONLY no negotiating. PLS note will take figures with broken off weapons (ie bayonets) BUT this will reduce the figure to only 10 dollars I will be willing to pay


Vehicles: will offer a range between 60 to 80,  per vehicle (here I’m willing to be a LITTLE flexible) - pagain, broken pieces on vehicles WILL REDUCE what I am willing to pay.

See this link: and TAW PRODUCT GUIDE to get a better idea of figures I am after. Thank you.

David Lavoie

I have some figures for sale to someone who will enjoy them. They are of various types.

  1. Three mediaeval horsemen, made by Del Prado of Spain.
  2. Three Hungarian soldiers, circa 1950. These are somewhat worn. Purchased in Budapest.
  3. A set of 23 small (4 centimetres high) warrior/ soldiers of the world purchased 15 years ago in Holland.

For a collector who is interested, I will let any of these go quite reasonably.

I am selling an estate collection of military figures.The collection is quite exhaustive and includes 3 inch miniature military figures to 16 inch figures. Very unique and high-quality pieces. Many in Glass Cases (included).

Please be serious as these are collector items and will not be sold at yard sale prices.

Figures represent Colonial Period, Highlanders, Napoleonic Wars, WWI, WWII, Desert Soldiers, Punjabi etc.

Brand names include:

King and Country
Chilmark Pewter

I have the following sets of toy soldiers available for sale. All are in excellent shape and come with the original box.

Traditions of London:

700. Special Edition 2 Voltigeur Company Swiss Regiment 1812.
706. British Infantry of the Line, Battle of Waterloo 1815.
708. British Infantry of the Line, Battle of Waterloo 1815.
709. British Infantry of the Line, Battle of Waterloo 1815.
710. British Infantry of the Line, Battle of Waterloo 1815.
725. French Infantry of the Line, 1815 Volitigeurs
729. 3rd Swiss Regiment, 1812.
759. Chasseur a Cheval, The French Imperial Guard, 1812.
B3A. Royal Artillery, 1815.
92. Naval Brigade, Boer War.

W.M. Britain

17671. Napoleonic Waterloo French Line of Infantry,Chasseur's Assault Set
17672. Napoleonic Waterloo Fight in the Courtyard Hand To hand Set #1
41151. Royal Airforce Band

King and Country - Scots Band of the Black Watch (RETIRED). 12 pcs.

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