22 - East of India (RETIRED)


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The EAST OF INDIA COMPANY was formed in Hong Kong in the summer of 1999 and is dedicated to the production of 54mm connoisseur style metal figures from countries "East of India".

Their first range, "The Shogun Collection", was officially launched in February 2000 and comprises of an extensive collection of hand cast miniature figures from the Warring States Period of Japanese history.

Their second range,"The Colonial Collection" will be based around the theme of the Boxer Rebellion in China of 1900 but throughout future years more armies will be added to take the action further afield. The range is designed to be completely interchangeable, allowing the collector to pick and choose who fights who in any display. to be constructed. The Japanese and Russian forces, for example, can be matched against the Chinese to recreated the campaign of 1900 but equally well they can fight each other for the Russo-Japanese war of 1904/1905. In a similar way the American troops can be used for the actions in the Philippines and in Puerto Rico.

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