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OTTAWA MILITARY HERITAGE SHOW - Nepean Sportsplex - Saturday, April 25,2020


1701 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa - From 8:30am  to 3:00pm


If you are a Collector or a Figurines Painter and you live in the Ottawa area,
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Ontario Model Soldier Society (OMSS) Ottawa Chapter? 
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We also carry John Jenkins Designs from the Antique Greece and Persia to Rome, the Medieval Era, the American Revolution and Civil War, the Napoleon's era, the War of 1812, World War I and World War II...


New lower prices on some WWI Figures King & Country

FW092, FW188, FW219, FW200, FW201 and many more ...


Checkout our featured and upcoming releases!

AE075 - Scaffolding Platforms


XM19-01 - ‘Santa Comes But Once A Year...’


    ‘How To Build A Pyramid’ - AE065 to AE074 -

Another battle... Another time - NA448 to NA451

 Already in stock

Hitting The Beach - Set #1- DD321

In stock - GOOD MORNING VIETNAM - The Aussie Centurion - VN065


OPERATION MARKET GARDEN -   MG076, MG077 and coming later MG078, MG079, MG083

In stock - The Knights of St. Lazarus - Set of MK180, MK196, MK197, MK198 and MK199

In stock - "Riding Across The Battlefield" - NA439, NA440, NA442 and NA444

Special Order - The Complete Roman Fort (Sandstone) - RF007(S)

In stock - Streets of Old Hong Kong 1897 - HK287 -The Soong Sisters (Matt)

Remember the Alamo! RTA097 to RTA106

BDM Girls LAH236 to LAH241

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Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
The Ballista Command Set 03/06/2020
Fire & Advance 03/06/2020
Kneeling BAR Gunne 03/06/2020
Ready to Move 03/06/2020
Crouching Tommy-Gunner 03/06/2020
Bare-Chested Marine 03/06/2020
The Emperor’s Tent 03/06/2020
The Cantiniere” 03/06/2020
The Ballista & Crew Set 03/06/2020
The M36 ‘Jackson’ Tank Destroyer 03/06/2020
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