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We also carry John Jenkins Designs from the Antique Greece and Persia to Rome, the Medieval Era, the American Revolution and Civil War, the Napoleon's era, the War of 1812, World War I and World War II...

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THE FUR TRADE - THE KEEL BOAT from John Jenkins Designs

coming this summer

   JAPANESE Type 94’ truck due for release later this year.

  VN118 - The Patrol / General Service Land Rover



CE-S01 ‘Complete Commando Colour Party’ -   PER MARE PER TERRAM’ -

This attractively-priced set includes 1 x RM Officer w/Sword, 2 x RM Officer w/ Flags, 1 x RM Sergeant and 2 x Royal Marines as escort to the Colour

In stock - Another battle... Another time - NA448 to NA451


In stock - "Riding Across The Battlefield" - NA439, NA440, NA442 and NA444


In stock - Streets of Old Hong Kong 1897 - HK298 - The Opium Smokers (Matt) - HK299 - The Opium Merchant & Maid (Matt)

HK291(M) - The Shoemaker Set (Matt)

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Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
Grand Duchesses Maria and Grand Duchesses Anastasia 08/31/2021
Cutting Down the Polish Road Sign 08/31/2021
Breaking The Barrier 08/31/2021
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