East of India

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SCD207 Uesugi Kenshin Terutora.

Uesugi Kenshin Terutora.


SCA40T Tokugawa Clan - 3 Artillery Crew - Powder and Balls

Tokugawa Clan - 3 Artillery Crew - Powder and Balls

SCA40T without Cannon SCA42

CCJ205 6 Japanese Infantry Marching

6 Japanese Infantry Marching

Set consists of 6 marching figures: 4 x Type A - Regular Infantry 1x Type B - Pioneer Corps with Pick Axe. 1 x Type C - Pioneer Corps with...

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Patrolling Gurkha Contingent Police Officer 11/30/2018
Standing Gurkha Contingent Policeman 11/30/2018
The Sitting Centurion 11/30/2018
Life or Death...? 11/30/2018
Scourging The Prisoner 11/30/2018
Crucifixion of a Tribal Chief 11/30/2018
The Sturmtruppen Set - (4 figure set) 11/30/2018
Guarding The Tank 11/30/2018
Ambulance Kubelwagen (Mid-Late War) 11/30/2018
Standing Firing Female V.C. 11/30/2018
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